Shown just below here is page 1 of the Civil Rights lawsuit that Arizona Firefighter Paramedic Mark Boys filed against his employer (Pine Strawberry Fire District) after Fire Chief Bill Dekker fired him. Bill Dekker was Fire Chief at this Fire Department just prior to Garden Valley Fire Department hiring him. This lawsuit was filed after Bill Dekker sexually fondled the Pine Strawberry Fire District Secretary named Dawn Falls. Ms. Falls complained to Firefighter Paramedic Mark Boys about Dekker's Sexual deviant actions and Paramedic Boys told her to file a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission against Dekker. Bill Dekker retaliated against Paramedic Boys for telling her this and fired him. Dekker was then sued for Civil Rights Violations by Mr. and Mrs. Boys. Dekker and the Pine Strawberry Fire District lost this lawsuit.
If you look at the date of this document, it is dated 1 month after Garden Valley Fire Department hired Bill Dekker as Fire Chief. This was hidden from the public by Bill Dekker and Assistant Fire Chief Linda Szczepanik. This was covered up and hidden by the Garden Valley Fire Department Board of Directors.
Shown just below here are JPEG image files taken from a report from Garden Valley Fire Department Computer Forensic businessman Mark Menz. Mr. Menz was hired by Dekker and the Fire Department to frame the fire captain. These files of Porn/Lewd Images were taken from a Garden Valley Fire Department office computer. These are just 8 of the numerous files used by William Dekker to frame the Fire Captain for porn. This Fire Captain had been employed at this fire department for over 17 years and had numerous comendations. This fire captain hired his own computer forensic expert and had proven that over 90 images he was framed for were linked to another Fire Captain who worked a different shift and that some of them were placed on the computer after the gay fire captain had been terminated. Dekker did this 5 months after he became Fire Chief shortly after he learned that this Fire Captain was gay and that this Fire Captain had discovered Dekker's criminal background. All 8 of these images below can be linked to current Garden Valley Fire Captain Jeff Burch. If you look at payroll or logbook records shown below the picture, current Fire Captain Jeff Burch was the only one working at that time on these days. Employees work 24 hour shifts. This evidence was purposely ignored by the Fire Department Board of Directors and they let Dekker illegally terminate the gay Fire Captain. Fire Captain Burch was never disciplined or terminated over these and was later promoted to Captain. This is proof of Fire Chief Bill Dekker's and the Fire Board's true motivations against employees that whistle blow against them. Some of the images taken from this report from Mark Menz, that Fire Captain Burch looked at, appear to be of underage females. 

Computer Porn File name ----------------------      Date viewed --------Time viewed-----Employee working

 1. Savvvy039[1].jpg ----------------------------------------11-3-05 ---------------6:17 pm ---------Jeff Burch
 2. 38388083_s[1].jpg --------------------------------------11-3-05 ----------------6:11 pm ---------Jeff Burch
 3. 20050927_1_728x90_sup_music(1).jpg --------10-16-05 ---------------5:13 pm ---------Jeff Burch
 4. 279175205_s[1].jpg ------------------------------------11-3-05 ----------------6:06 pm ---------Jeff Burch
 5. 291 1 1 1 704_m[1].jpg --------------------------------11-3-05 ----------------6:17 pm ---------Jeff Burch
 6. Firstday066 [1].jpg -------------------------------------11-3-05 ----------------6:17 pm ---------Jeff Burch
 7. defaultCA4ESRJ2.jpg ---------------------------------2-18-08 ----------------5:53 pm ---------Jeff Burch
 8. defaultCA7TDKOL.jpg --------------------------------2-18-08 ----------------6:06 pm ---------Jeff Burch

              Picture above-Fire Captain Jeff Burch 
Here are 3 Garden Valley Fire Department Log Book pages. These are what employees sign in to document that they are working. They use their initials. Look at the areas shaded in yellow. It shows Jeff Burch signing in that day as "JB" and the gay captain "PB" signing out in the morning. This corresponds with the Mark Menz Porn files above. This is pornography Fire Chief Bill Dekker and the Fire Board used to frame and terminate the gay fire captain. You can see that it clearly shows Jeff Burch working that day and not the gay fire captain.
Shown below here is a sworn notorized affidavit written by a former Garden Valley volunteer firefighter. After fire chief Dekker and assistant fire chief Szczepanik framed and placed the gay fire captain on administrative leave and accused him of viewing pornography on Fire district computers, this firefighter witnessed this behavior occuring at the Fire Station. This is evidence of who was really viewing pornography and how Dekker framed the gay fire captain. Some of these employees who viewed this porn are still employeed at the Garden Valley Fire Department. This affidavit documents how these firefighters attended a bachelor party where they got drunk, stole fire department IV supplies and injected themselves with IV needles so that they would not suffer from a hangover due to dehydration of their body. They filmed this party and viewed it while at work on a fire district computer.The firefighter who wrote this was later terminated by fire chief Dekker and Szczepanik after they learned he had witnessed this and made it public. This also documents the harassing attitude some fellow firefighters had against the gay fire captain. The firefighters address was hidden in the affidavit to protect his privacy.